Denta Care Dentist

November 27, 2020

Denta Care Dentists are the professional dental team dedicated to keeping your teeth healthy and ensuring you have a beautiful smile.

Our friendly dentists can assist with anything from routine check-ups, to cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental treatment.

For the best affordable dental care in Tauranga, contact our caring dental team today and book an appointment.

Professional Dental Services

Improve your oral health with Denta Care Dentists. We provide a range of professional dental services, including routine examinations to keep your mouth healthy and cosmetic work such as teeth whitening.

ACC & WINZ Payments

If you’ve had an accident or are eligible for WINZ, we can help guide you through the necessary paperwork needed to make a claim. Eligible WINZ patients can also receive a subsidiary on their emergency work, alongside a quote for their treatment.

Emergency Dental Care

Are you in need of urgent dental care? With Denta Care Dentist, you can receive professional emergency dental services in no time. We’ll ensure your teeth are fixed quickly, and provide you with a range of treatment possibilities before we start.

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