Plastic Systems

October 31, 2020

NZ owned & operated manufacturers Plastic Systems design and create innovative plastic rotational moulds.

If you need large plastic tanks, detention tanks, or retention tanks, we’re the experts to see.

Our other products include bioloos, dog kennels, marine bait boards and more, all offered at an affordable price.

Water Tanks

Perfect for use in a range of purposes, our quality designed and built rotationally moulded plastic tanks can be used in farming, industrial, commercial and residential settings. Find the perfect fresh or rain water tank for you.

Speciality Tanks

If you need to store fluids safely prior to disposal on your industrial or commercial site, Plastic Systems can help. We manufacture high-quality special tanks designed for purposes like grease traps, grey water systems, sugar syrup tanks and more.

Marine, Safety & Home Products

Plastic System supplies an extensive range of quality moulded products, including in the marine, safety and home sectors. From bait boards and seating, to footpath markers and balustrades, to dog kennels and pump covers, we do it all!

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